I spend a great deal of time with my hands on my tummy feeling my baby moving around inside. This is such a remarkable experience that I don’t want to give up but the great news is that I will finally get to meet my baby.

 Looking at all the different baby gear on the market, I wanted to find a sling to continue to hold the baby close to me, the hunt began searching online for the perfect sling that would suit my needs and style.

The Peanutshell baby sling offered all that I was looking for in a sling. Here is how I compared the sling and how it met my needs.

I wanted a sling to carry my baby that was adjustable to the different stages and growth without any buckles or straps. The Peanutshell baby sling is perfect for newborns as it offers complete support with the legs in an up position and for a toddler that can sit up with it’s legs in a 90% angle offering support.

In order to allow the toddler to sit up the cloth also had to be strong and durable. The Peanutshell baby sling is made of 97% cotton and 3% stretch this ensures me it will last. Another great thing about the peanutshell company is it’s designer cloth selections and how easy the baby sling is to clean by just popping it into the washing machine.

When I first put in on to show my husband he said, “that is a nice outfit, what is it?” I explained to him how the baby sling was used and he was impressed on both the idea and design.

The sling had to also support the baby’s head and back reaching past the baby’s head until it is a toddler since infants lack sufficient control of their heads.

Baby carriers are extremely convenient because they are easy to handle and store. The style and quality of baby slings vary for one to the other but knowing what you are looking for in a baby sling will make it easier to decide on which one suits your needs.

The Peanutshell baby sling suits my needs due to it’s durable fashionable cloth material and support for the baby.