I’m starting to get the hang of cloth diapers and after much research the added benefits just keep adding up. I started out comparing the cost of disposable vs cloth diapers and now I’m finding there is a lot more to using cloth diapers than cost.

I’ve had a chance to review another cloth diaper by FuzziBunz a pocket style cloth reusable diaper. My initial attraction to FuzziBunz was the women, mom of three, inspiring entrepreneur and inventor behind this cute little pocket diaper, Tereson Dupuy .

screenshot_37-212x300Tereson’s baby suffered from diaper rash, and since her baby was in pain she wanted to find a solution to help her child. She was not only successful in finding the solution to her child’s needs, she is also the founder of FuzziBunz and has received numerous recognitions for her invention.

Tereson was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, an organization referred to as the business world’s Oscars.

Today FuzziBunz diapers are found in hundreds of online and in-store boutiques and have been used by millions of babies around the world!

Now more about her famous invention the FuzziBunz cloth diaper and what I like most:

I love the size of the diaper. It is small and compact not big and bulky like a lot of cloth diapers. This helps with storage as well as packing them into the diaper bag. It is also more comfortable for the baby to have a slim fitting diaper. The diaper provides a snug fit with stretchy elastic around the legs. I can use the diaper from when the baby is born to when the baby becomes a toddler because of the adjustable snaps and the stretchy elastic around the legs. This will also save me money in the long run of having to go out and purchase larger diapers down the road as the baby grows. The FuzziBunz is clean and has a slick look with the advanced fastening system. There is no velcro straps which also meant the diaper will not fray when washed.